Circulators are great surface aerators that provide aeration where other types can't. Circulators are great for ponds that are long and narrow, shallow, or that have hard to reach areas such as behind islands. Circulators work by moving the water keeping it from being stagnant and reducing or eliminating algae. 

Deicers are a great tool for any pond or lake owner! If you have a dock or boat that stays in the water all year prevent costly damage to them with a deicer. Deicers work by moving large amounts of water from below the surface to the surface. This exchange of water cause movement and wave actions that keep ponds from freezing over. They also help prevent winter fish kills when ponds freeze completely over. Deicers can be installed on edges of docks or on a float in the water. 

If you are tired of removing your docks or boats in the winter contact us to see how deicers can help. We carry Otterbine and Kasco Marine circulators and deicers. Circulators can be left in place all year as long as they are operated 24/7 during winter months to prevent freezing.

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Deicer working in a frozen pond

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