Decorative Fountains


Decorative fountains provide both aesthetic enhancement and a measure of water circulation to help keep water mixed and aerated.  Many lake and pond owners have found this water feature adds beauty, sound, and decoration.  The use of lights can create a spectacular display.  Fountains can also provide many of the desirable characteristics of aeration. The location of the fountain in the pond and size (hp) together with pond depth and shape are major factors influencing its circulation effectiveness.  Fountains should be removed over winter to enhance life expectancy and minimize repairs over the units life.

We carry the following industry leading fountains; AquaMaster, Otterbine, Kasco, and Outdoor Water Solutions. 

There are many different patterns available. As a general rule of thumb the more decorative the pattern is the less aerating it does as waterflow is reduced. 

Lights can be added to any fountain that we sell as well to any other manufacture. Lights come in warm white, bright white, and RGBW color changing lights. 


We can repair and service any fountain that you might have. 

We also provide fountain winterization services.  


AquaMaster Fountains crystal geyser

AquaMaster Fixed Base Fountain

AquaMaster Fountains Geyser

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