Diffused Aeration


Diffused aeration uses a compressor mounted on shore that pushes air through tubing to a diffuser at the bottom of the pond or lake. These systems work best in deeper ponds and provide the best aeration benefits. The compressors can be mounted in a post mounted cabinet, base mount cabinet, or if inside a building no cabinet. The compressors are a rocking piston design that is very quiet and efficient to operate. Diffused aeration systems can ran 24/7 year round. Benefits of aerating in the winter includes keeping the pond or lake from freezing over and causing a fish kill. It also keeps organisms going to help keep breaking down muck and organic matter. 

There is no power in the water compared to fountains. 

We carry Kasco Marine electric diffused aeration systems and Outdoor Water Solutions solar and wind powered units. These units are low mainteneance and effcient. 

Diffused aeration systems can be electric, solar, solar/battery back-up, wind powered, or wind/electric combination. Remote manifold systems can be installed as well to allow the compressor to be mounted upt to a mile away. 


Contact us for a custom aeration design layout and sizing guidelines. There are many factors that go into selecting the correct unit. 


We also repair and service all diffused aeration systems.


Electric powered diffused aeration system

Solar powered diffused aeration system

Windmill diffused aeration system

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