Geese Control


Geese can cause many issues with your pond or lake. The waste that is excreted from their body is high in nutrients that act like fertilizer for your pond. When left unchecked all of the extra nutrients build up can cause cause water quality issues. The number one issuse they cause is excessive algal blooms from their waste. Geese can also become a nussiance. We offer several products from geese away lights, decoys, and geese fence.

Geese away lights flash a amber colored light once every second to discourage geese from foraging and nesting. Each unit is good for 2-3 years before a replacement light is needed and will cover a 4-6 acre pond per light. Lights can be floating lights in the pond, shore/land mounted lights, and roof top lights. 

Away with geese lights work great for other areas besides ponds such as athletic fields and grass areas around ponds. The light does no affect other waterfowl such as ducks, herons, and it does not affect humans. 

Decoys such as coyotes can also discourage geese from landing on ponds.

We also offer geese fence that can be custom built for your application. Geese fence consist of small fence post every 50-60 feet and one to two cables spaced anywhere between 12-24 inches off the ground. The fence is installed at the shore's edge and is hardly noticable. Every year geese lose some of their feathers to regrow new ones and when this happens the geese tend to not want to fly for a few months. By installing a goose fence the geese will not have easy acess to the water and will leave to go find water that is easy to acess.


             Away with geese light

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